Every year we try to provide you with the most comfortable conditions during your stay in the Dąbki Health Resort. Therefore, professional staff takes care of you for the entire time.
The owners of the Holiday Home Maria in Dąbki are Maria and Franciszek Sawicki who have been following the vision of the resort where the Guests and their wellbeing are a priority for almost 30 years. Maybe it is this atmosphere that makes so many Guests stay with us “for good”, creating a big HH Maria family… Feel invite to join us!

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… that’s how the saying goes and that’s how it’s here! The team of Iwona Brudzińska, our chef, takes care about the best quality of our dishes and that everybody leaves with their stomach full. She is the author of fish delicacies known across Poland, served for supper: fish of multiple variaties.

“For children to be well-behaved, they first have to be happy” – sticking to this golden thought, our activity organiser, Ela Krukowska, makes sure children are happy during their entire stay with us. Multiple outdoor games, competitions, tournaments – that’s just a small part of the attractions. Our activity organiser takes care also of the adults, offering a broad range of forms of entertainment..

For your safety, your health is taken care of by an exceptional physicial, doctor Piotr Kaczkowski who was awarded the title “Doctor of the Year” in the contest organised by Głos Koszaliński magazine.

photo here Your beautiful and healthy look will be taken care of by a lovable beautician with many years of experience – Magdalena Janowska. Holiday relax and unique therapeutic procedures will make you feel younger both at heart and in body.


What is more, during your stay there are many people ensuring your comfort, often performing their tasks professionally completely unnoticed. They work in the following departments::

  • the receptions run a 24h reception desk
  • the maids take care of cleanliness in your rooms
  • the security guards ensure security of your cars
  • the maintenance staff will repair any failure in the blink of an eye