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Monika Oleksa
Dąbki – my place on earth

There are places where we feel happy. Places which tuck us in and always welcome us as if they are longing for us like we are longing for them. All spots smile at us brightly and we cannot help feeling that this is what paradise looks like.
We all have such places. We like to come back to them because we leave some part of us there. We leave there our heart, which unites with this place once and for all.

There is a place of mine that I come back to with the same joy every single time. The place which I miss all year long and which I think about every time I feel bad. I close my eyes and see all those avenues and trodden paths, a house with a thatched roof, a platform shooting into the lake, a concrete road running through the forest up to the cutting and the sea looking at me from behind all the dunes. I hear its call, serene, waiting for me. I know that when I run to the coast, it will meet me halfway. A cool wave will touch my feet and whisper: "It's good that you're here."
Standing on sand and smelling saltwater, I will feel my heart, so far curled up to protect itself against pain, opens up like a flower bud turned towards the sun. My Dąbki.
Once – a small, fisherman's village; today – health resort. This place evokes extreme emotions. It is not as impressive as seaside tourist resorts. It is modest, just like its inhabitants. "Ugly" – some people would say. It all depends on what we expect to find here. If we crave silence, calm and a wild beach only for ourselves – Dąbki will be the perfect choice. If we, however, seek constant entertainment, cafes on a promenade overlooking the sea, colourful stands, shops and stores and nightlife – we need to turn around and go to Mielno, Sarbinowo, Ustka, Międzyzdroje or Łeba. Dąbki cannot offer you that. Instead, it has its unique climate and atmosphere which I have not found anywhere else. It has dedicated people who fight for it and put their hearts into it. And it has this "something" that I have not found in any other seaside town and that made me love this place and find my second home here. I come back here every time with the same longing and expectation as if I was coming back to my family home. I come back to my friends among whom I feel like a member of a family and whom I inscribed in my heart so deeply that I can only think about them as my next of kin. They are people who accepted me for who I am and around whom I do not have to act. Those people make Dąbki so capturing for me, they make me simply happy.

Each and every morning in this place welcomes me with a bursting canto of seagulls and people's smiles, where my heart nestles with love. Maria, Francis, Alice, Ela, Caroline and Yvonne, Lukas and Magdalene, Ms. Irene, who knows my whims and the messy nature of my sons :), priest from the Baltic Sea – father Andrew, a friend of our family; Anne – a spinster from the cafe's window and my beloved gorals, honey of whom encapsulates the summer and all flavours of Dąbki. It is the people that create the places we long to come back to and I know that I love Dąbki for the people it has given me.

Close your eyes and imagine that I am taking you for a walk around this town-village, where I found myself again nine years ago. We will walk on a modest cobbled promenade, which will lead us straight to the sea. On the right side, we will pass by Holiday Home "Maria". This is where most of my books are written. Lublin takes my time for writing, Dąbki give it back to me. If not for "Maria" and Mr and Mrs Sawicki, maybe my novels would not even see the light of day.. It is Dąbki and "Maria" that reminded me of my wings and let me spread them wide.
right behind the "Maria" guesthouse, after a left turn, we will encounter the last house with a thatched roof in the area. We can rent a room here and listen to stories of Ms Helena, who is a living proof that it is never too late for love – CLICK.
Ahead of us, there is a roundabout – a place of games and summer folly of children, colourful shops – open only in the season, and the Bar under Dune, besieged by holiday makers. Life in Dąbki goes about differently than anywhere else. The local parish priest, Andrew Pęcherzewski, says that there are only three seasons in Dąbki: before the season, in the season and after the season 🙂 – CLICK And it is true: in the season, the town thrives and is full of families seeking rest. However, once the season is over, the town calms down, falls asleep, but retains its charm nevertheless. And it tempts with its sites – the place where the sea joins the lake, wild dunes around the sea and the part of the beach with fishing boats. Paths, walkways, avenues and notched pavements. Shops with souvenirs and amber jewellery, fish bars, raw and modest church, open all day long for everyone who needs some calm and personal prayer. Dąbki. A tiny spot between Koszalin and Darłowo. The place I give my heart to.

Monika A. Oleksa
Rzepisko Jadwiga
It is the first time that we are in Holiday Home Maria in Dąbki. This is a gift from our children due to our 50th wedding anniversary. A fear of long travel to the seaside and possible health problems made it difficult for us to decide on this place. Ultimately, we took the risk and here we are in Dąbki. The surroundings is marvellous, and the vicinity of the sea and the lake is an additional merit. The decor of our room surprised us dearly. There were a beautiful bunch of flowers and a bottle of champagne on the table. The holiday home is managed at a very high level. The atmosphere is very nice, staff – professional, food – diverse and tasty (I bow before the chef). Fish dinner – "hit the bull's eye" – it is a shame it was organised only once (I love fish). What is most important is that my husband feels quite good. The weather is good, we walk at the sea and the lake and we even sunbathe. We are very satisfied and as soon as we have an opportunity we will come back here and we will recommend Holiday Home "MARIA" in Dąbki to our friends.
Beate Kristof
Dear Ms Maria,
My time of holidays and summer leisure is sadly coming to an end. So, yesterday after a long break and full of positive emotion, our whole family sat down at the table. Anne came back from Italy, Tom from Spain, me and Matthew from hiking in the Dolomites, my mother from the balcony 🙂 and, of course, my sister from Poland.
Such an afternoon is surely too short to share all our experiences, look at photos and tell about each and every day. Summing up the time spent together though, our family was more interested in small Dąbki than in the big, newly discovered world. Questions like "Is it still there?", "Did you eat this or that?", "Were you there?", "Did you see that?" were endless. What is more, there are personal memories from previous years, stories with so much sentiment and kindness towards that special place for all of us – Dąbki. In the course of the stories we always come to the point where we start to ponder over the special nature of this place.
As you already know, Anne stubbornly claims that there are some additional fluids in the air there (added by holiday organisers 🙂 ). We treat that utterance with tongue in cheek, but we are all certain in our hearts that this place has something magical in it.
Holiday stay in Dąbki is actually a comeback every single time. Comeback to places, landscapes, moods, smells and to the centre which has been deeply inscribed in the hearts of us all. The centres transformed so many times, but its soul remained unchanged. You are of course a part of that soul, you are the person who from the very beginning made us feel not only as guests, but also as a part of a larger, beloved family of Dąbki. This is also a part of that mystery surrounding the place.
I would like to thank you for your warm heart and unforgettable moments related to it. As if to confirm our feelings, you were so wonderful to give us a gift. Thank you so much, the honey was a big surprise and it leads our thoughts to Poland every morning.
We firmly believe that we will buy next jars in person because we have not visited Dąbki for too long a time. The single grains of sand found every now and then in our beach bag are definitely not enough 🙂 and fresh pickled cucumbers persist in our minds. Ms Maria, we heartily greet all good souls of the Dąbki universe, especially Mr. Francis and Ms. Alice, and the rest of the people. We wish you all good health and sun in your lives. And here I write with delight: see you again.

Beata, Maciej, Tomek and Ania Kristof
PS. Special greetings from my mother, who fares well.
Olga and little Victor
The stay in the centre is pure pleasure 🙂
I was surprised when I saw that the centre looks exactly like in the photos – marvellously flowered and pristine. The ever such kind staff of Holiday Home "Maria," regardless of the position, created a truly friendly atmosphere and the comfort we experienced in that place was topped by the meals – large and diverse. If I have forgotten to write about something good, and I surely have, thank you very much for very nice stay :)))
Room no. 7 residents from Tarnowskie Góry
We would like to thank the Management and the staff for a kind and professional service. We appreciate the beauty and cleanliness of the entire surroundings, the good atmosphere, care for making our time in the "Maria" Centre pleasant. We direct special thanks to the kitchen staff for tasty, diverse and large meals. We will always remember the image of the centre full of flowers and greenery.
Agnes from Wrocław
I recommend the Maria centre to all who cherish calm and a family atmosphere. Skilled staff, very good board, clean rooms and proximity to the sea, the lake and the forest guarantee a happy stay.
Beata from Płock
I visited the "Maria" centre three times. It is really worth coming back here. Family atmosphere, very good conditions and great meals. Sadly, this year I could not go there. I think, though, that I will be able to come back to Holiday Home Maria. I would like to thank all for great holiday stay and I greet the Owners and the whole Staff...
Thank you for the stay in your centre, food was very good, what was the best was the rye bread baked by a confectioner in the centre – nothing short of a miracle. The surroundings and the town are calm, one can rest and relax. The activity organiser is great, children were eager to play with Ms Ela. We are coming here next year, not for one week, but for two. Best regards
A beautiful and clean centre full of flowers and kind people. Food is great although I have one reservation – there is too much; this is the first time I saw so much food on smorgasbord. Nobody will leave the restaurant hungry. The kitchen bakes dark bread on its own. Waiters serve guests very fast, one does not have to wait for their meal very long. Rooms are clean, chambermaids tidy rooms quickly and accurately. At the reception desk, beautiful Ms. Kasia and the Mister, who always smile radiantly.
We wish to greet the owners and the whole staff from the southern Poland, especially Mr. Christopher, the waiter: may all his dreams come true.
I would like to thank you for a great stay in Holiday Home Maria. For the great food prepared by Ms. Yvonne, above all I would like to thank Mr. Christopher for fast and efficient service – he always made sure that our table was full. Ms. Maria and Mr. Francis deserve most thanks – without them, the centre would not be as it is now. A small disadvantage is the reception desk – they never know how to answer 🙁 asked questions. I recommend the place in 100%. I will certainly be back next year.