For beach-goers

For beach-goers

Dąbki is a wonderful place for beach-goers. Beaches in Dąbki are wide and covered with pure sand of beautiful shade. What is important, there is always a place for you on the beach. Directly at the entrances to the beach, there are swimming zones watched by lifeguards. A several-minute walk or bicycle ride towards Dąbkowice is enough to rest on the beach in peace and comfort.


There are also unique places near Dąbki, where you can enjoy the the sweets of the sea and the lake at the same time. A picturesque avenue leads to that place, without access for cars. The Szczuczy Canal: this is the name of that beautiful place where the lake joins the sea. A delightful vista, beautiful sand and warm lake water all create an unforgettable climate of relaxation.

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Dąbki is a Health Resort which abounds in opportunities. Therefore, when we talk about the beach, we do not only mean the beautiful one at the seaside, but also the beach at the Bukowo Lake. Pure sand, a quite spot and shallow shore of the lake with warm water is a great place for rest with children. It is possible to rent water gear near the beach (more information in the section for sailors).