For anglers

For anglers

Dąbki and its surroundings is a paradise for anglers: how else can you name a place where anglers can go to the Baltic Sea, the bass El Dorado, or the Bukowo Lake, and two rivers full of salmons – Grabowa and Wieprza.

Anglers seeking maritime experiences can go to the beach (along the breakwaters), where one can try out surfcasting, and the haven in Darłówko, where boats sail out to the best cod fisheries in Poland every day.

The anglers preferring to seek adventures at inland water can go to very well stocked Bukowo Lake. It is a coastal lake which was a gulf of the Baltic Sea several thousand years ago, but as a result of persistent activity of waves, currents and winds, it was cut off from the sea by a sandspit. The waters of the Bukowo Lake are connected with the Baltic Sea via the Szczuczy Canal located 5 km from Dąbki, towards Dąbkowice, through which salt water feeds the lake resulting in salinity increasing up to 3‰. The lake area is ca. 1740 ha, mean depth is ca. 1.8 m and the maximum depth reaches ca. 3 m.

According to the local anglers, the Bukowo Lake allows catching many fish species: bass, zander, eel, roach, pike, bream, silver bream, common rudd, bleak, ruffe, lavaret, brown trout or salmon. There is also a unique population of roaches migrating between the waterbody and the Baltic Sea.

In the centre you can purchase a fishing licence for the Bukowo Lake.

It is possible to hire a guide, who will take you on a boat ride to catch the largest zanders, basses and pikes of the Bukowo Lake.

More information on the lake was provided by the lover of that lake, Zbyszek Kowalczuk, in an interview for “Wiadomości Wędkarskie”, available here.

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